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Emergency Breakdown and Accident Assistance
24 Hour Emergency Assistance Line
Tel: 00357 22435510


SHIAHINI will try and repair your vehicle at the side of the road but if they are unable to do so they will take your vehicle to a garage of your choice

Please see below for what is covered under this part of the Policy

With reference to the accident Care Service, below please find the procedure to be followed:

  1. Call the Police (see the numbers below)
  2. The client involved in the accident will call the 24-hour service telephone number 00357 22435510 and inform the operator that he/she was involved in an accident.
  3. Within a very short time, a qualified accident investigator will visit the scene of the accident.
  4. He will investigate the circumstances and collect all relevant information and documents.
  5. He will photograph the scene and fill the Accident Report Form.
  6. You must notify Abbeygate Insurance as soon as possible and submit a claim form. (telephone 26 819 175 or call the Claims Dept Direct on - 22 699999). 


Nicosia (strovolos)
Ayia Napa



Road Assistance will be provided by a contracted Assistance Company in cases where the Motor Vehicle is immobilised because of mechanical or electrical breakdown, accident, fuel / oil / water run-out, puncture of tyre and locking of doors on a public road in an area controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus or the Sovereign Base Area. When called, the officers of their mobile repair party will repair the damage with the available means and resources. Should the repair require the installation of spare parts, materials or fuel, the costs will be born by you.

In case of serious damage and/or damage which cannot be repaired by the means and resources of the mobile repair party, the Assistance Company will transport the insured Motor Vehicle to a garage chosen by you but the garage must be in the same district as your address shown on your Policy Schedule. Provided that, in case the contracted Assistance Company does not respond, we will pay to you the reasonable cost of such towing.


a) any Motor vehicle with a gross weight over 3.5 tons;

b) any transfer of the Motor Vehicle from a garage to another garage;

c) any transfer when the Motor Vehicle is parked outside a garage;

d) any transfer of the Motor Vehicle if you or an authorised driver is in a state of intoxication;

e) If the Motor Vehicle is in a river, salt lake, sea, mud, sand, snow or off road;

f) any transfer if the Motor Vehicle is at a police station due to traffic or any other violation and not due to a mechanical or electrical failure;

g) more than 3 break down services during the policy period.


Abbeygate is a trading name of Abbeygate Insurance Brokers Ltd., registered and regulated in Cyprus.
Head Office: Shop 1, Mesogi Avenue, Paphos 8280, Cyprus